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1 28-4-2019 To 28-4-2019 FIRST ROUND ELOCUTION COMPETITION & ON SCREEN POWER POINT PRESENTATION COMPETITION આવાજ દિલસે........વકતૃત્વ સ્પર્ધા Elocution Competition અને on screen - Power Point Presentation Competition. દિલેર દાતા :- શ્રીમતી કલાબેન મંગલભાઇ મહેતા - માતુશ્રી ગુલાબબેન મહેતા પરિવાર, (કલામંગલ ચેરિટેબલ ટ્રસ્ટ-મુંબઈ) હસ્તે - મંગલભાઇ અભેચંદ મહેતા, ગામ - વીથોણ(હાલે - અંધેરી - પૂર્વ) (3:00 PM) At Sumati Gurjar Bhavan, Chembur Mumbai
2 9-3-2019 To 9-3-2019 Woman's Day કાર્યક્રમની આછી ઝલક 1) કાર્યક્રમ દિવસ:- શનિવાર તા. 09.03.2019 2) સ્થળ:- પ્રેમ સ્મૃતિ હોલ, સુમતી ગુર્જર ભવન, ચેંમ્બુર. 3) બપોરે 2:30 થી 3:00 સુધી :- ચા - કોફી 4) બપોરે 3:00 થી રાત્રે 8:00 સુધી:- RED CARPET.COM BOLLYWOOD NIGHTS 5) રાત્રે 7 વાગ્યા થી:- ભાવતા ભોજન(ચોવિહારની વ્યવસ્થા છે) (૨:૩૦) At Prem Smruti Hall, Sumati Gurjar Bhavan, Chembur
3 8-11-2018 To 8-11-2018 Nutan Varshabhinanadan 2018
4 28-9-2018 To 29-9-2018 Parichay Milan 2018 Parichay Milan Organized by our samaj committee in which nearly 300 males and females had participated and it was co-volunteered by KVSO youth forum. Every Participant was provided with a bio-data book and ID card. It was two-day event hosted by Vaishali Karani. Eight Engagements have been announced till date from which one engagement was announced itself at the time of event. (8:00am) At Sumati
5 23-9-2018 To 23-9-2018 Saraswati Vandana Saraswati Vandana with Musical Program by Vaishali Karani (10.30am) At Sumati Gurjar Bhavan
6 8-7-2018 To 8-7-2018 Elocution Competition Elocution Competition Organized by our samaj committee. It had two rounds, first being the audition round on 17th june 2018. And final round for which five participants per category were selected which was held on 8th july 2018. Nearly 60 people had participated in elocution competition (3:00pm) At Sumati Gurjar Bhavan
7 7-7-2018 To 7-7-2018 Yuva Sammelan Yuva sammelan organized by our samaj, in which nearly 100 eligible Males and females which were interested to get married, met each other, got introduced and had meetings, the program was organized by bio-data committee and volunteered by few youngsters of our samaj (3:30pm) At Sumati Gurjar Bhavan
8 10-6-2018 To 10-6-2018 Fun N Fair 2018 Fun N Fair organized by our samaj with three Zones Game zone, Food zone and shopping zone, in which nearly 2000 people visited fun n fair. There were selfie point and Kids zone and it was co-volunteered by KVSO Gurjar youth Forum. There were nearly 150 stalls in this Fun N fair (3:00pm) At Sumati Gurjar Bhavan
9 18-3-2018 To 18-3-2018 Women's Day Women's Day Celebrated and organized by our samaj committee. It was co-volunteered by girls of KVSO Youth forum. Each and every women was gifted a Broach. Every women was dressed in a particular State Category - Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Marwadi and South Indian. (3:30pm) At Sumati Gurjar Bhavan
10 17-2-2018 To 18-2-2018 Mani Lakshmi Tirth Mani Lakshmi tirth organized by our samaj. It was a religious Trip organized by the committee. It was a one day trip. (8:00am) At Gujrat
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